Member Perks

Alternative Systems

Alternative Systems will make available special perks for Maryland practices, including a specialized MSDA Member Security package with no additional cost to every MSDA member. The package gives practices multi-factor authentication as a critical tool to combat cyber threats.

Dental practices will be provided the following:

  • A password vault
  • A HIPAA-certified way to store passwords instead safely and securely of using spreadsheets, web browsers or sticky notes
  • DNS protection, which prevents users from accessing known websites that contain malware and viruses
  • Security awareness training to educate staff about data security, email attacks, policies, and procedures
  • An annual security assessment
  • Real-time reviews to ensure that all security protocols remain in place and a guarantee of closing any new system vulnerabilities

Alternative Systems also offers a free, no-obligation IT assessment. A senior technician will be sent to conduct an audit of a network’s security and overall health. This assessment can be conducted on a 100% remote basis with or without a practice’s current IT company or department in attendance. At the end of the assessment, a company will know whether money invested in IT is providing value. Practices will learn whether systems and data are truly secured from hackers and ransom ware, and if practices are partially or totally exposed. There will be an audit to assess whether data is backed up in a manner to recover files in the event of an emergency or attack. A HIPAA compliance assessment is included to discover whether the practice is unknowingly violating HIPAA violations.

Alternative Systems provides non-biased IT consulting. The company can lower the overall costs of IT, while improving communications, security, and performance, to increase productivity of employees. It offers technology and system recommendations based upon the specific needs and goals of each individual practice. Alternative Systems brings years of IT experience and works with its clients to understand and align the vision of where they want their practice to be. The IT experts provide seamless integration of front office, clinical treatment systems, mobile connectivity, and hardware. The company provides ongoing, world-class technical support and data protection programs with an eye on expansion and future needs for dental practices.

For more information, visit or call 240-816-3479.