Member Perks

Dailey Solutions USA

Dailey Solutions LLC is proud to join the MSDA family as the endorsed vendor for all your printing cartridge supply needs. Dailey Solutions LLC was founded in 2013 by Jay Dailey. Jay grew up in Harford County, Maryland and graduated from the University of Maryland – College Park. Jay started Dailey Solutions LLC because of the exorbitant costs of printer cartridges sold by major box retailers. Dailey Solutions LLC sells directly to businesses at wholesale pricing saving clients 20% – 40% off retail pricing. All MSDA members get preferred pricing through Dailey Solutions LLC. Shipping costs are INCLUDED in pricing.

Dailey Solutions LLC is based in Dallas, Texas and supplies the printer cartridges from four warehouses across the United State (Harrisburg, PA, Memphis, TN, Dallas, TX, Reno, NV). The entire State of Maryland has Next Business Day Delivery. Only BRAND NEW cartridges that are 100% Guaranteed are supplied. All cartridges meet and/or exceed all manufacturers warranties & specifications.

Dailey Solutions LLC has three Territory Managers in Maryland. Cliff Rickard, Mary Knowles and Robin Fisher. They will be serving the MSDA members throughout the State of Maryland.

Feel free to contact Jay or any of the Territory Managers directly at 214.280.6770.

MSDA Member Benefit
MSDA Members receive an average of 20-40% off of retail pricing for printer cartridges and toner. Next day delivery is also guaranteed.